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.:PuRe sEx:.
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This commununity is based on acceptance. ARE YOU SEX?

If you are not sure of urself, or are one of those "I'm so ugly I wanna kill myself" type then don't join. Stamped members are permitted to be cruel and critical to a degree. So if ur gonna run off and slit ur wrists if u get rejected then again...don't join. I'm hoping that this community will grow within tyme. As it grows so will the content and activities. Contests, themes, etc. !!READ THE RULES BEFORE JOINING!!


1. no nude pics before being accepted.
once u are accepted u may post tasteful nudity. it MUST be behind a cut, and have some sort of warning.
2. only the mods will be able to post stamps.
3. only stamped members can comment on other posts.
4. your first post must include the survey below and pictures.
5. you can post any pics,but there must be at least one face shot.
6. all pictures must be behind an lj-cut
7. when u are stamped and begin voting and such, i understand its necessary to be critical at tymes, anything that i find to be too nasty will be deleted and u will get a warning.
reasons for giving a yes or no are encouraged, but not required.
8. please do not post huge pictures.
9. acceptance will be based on not only looks, but personality and taste as well.
10. when voting on applicants u may base ur decision soley on looks if u wish, but i strongly recommend u atleast read the survey. ppl don't need to waste their tyme filling out a survey if no ones even going to check it out
11. If you have any problems with another user report it to a moderator or lj_abuse
12. once being accepted u may post pictures at anytyme you wish, as many as you wish.
13. NO text only posts. if u have something u wish to share do so, but include atleast one pic along with it. even if its already been posted here before u can use it again, just don't use the same one every tyme u post.
14. if you would like to promote your community,please ask one of the mods before you do it.
15. if there so happens to be a tie after 48 hours of ur application, a mod will make a post requesting a tie breaker. the first vote cast will be the final verdict
16. there will be themes, contests, and such on occasion.
Rules on Contest and Theme Voting:

A) you do not have to be stamped to vote on themes and contest winners.
B) if u are asked to put them in order from best to worst, please give a reason for choosing #1 and a reason for picking the worst/last contestant. any in between votes you do not have to give reason but if u would like u can do so.
17. After u are accepted I ask that you put ur acceptance stamp in your info and promote as often as possible
18. If you are rejected, ur allowed to re-apply after a period of one week. But please, do something different! new pics, better survey, whatever...otherwise ur setting urself up for another rejection
19. If you get rejected a second tyme you are banned and never able to return to this community.


4)Do you think Christina Aguilera is hott?:
5)What kind of music do you like?:
6)List atleast three of ur fav bands:
7)What is your favorite movie(s)?
8)Do you have any goals and if so what?:
9)Do you idolize any famous person(s)/who?:
10)What is ur favorite pass tyme?:
11)What issues do you feel passionately about?:
12)Why do you want to be a part of the community?:
13)How did you find this community?:
14)Do you love sex(yes we're pervs here! lol)?:
15)Strangest location ^:
16)#1 sexual fantasy: