dëâdKéÑñËd¥§ (disturbedfetish) wrote in xi_scabaret_ix,


do NOT join until its finished and ready.
if u fail to read this post when you somehow mysteriously
come across this unfinished community, and join it before its done and made clear that its tyme to start being active, then you will be banned.

i don't need to have stuff thats not meant to be read until the opening of this on ppls friends' pages already. thank you.

with one exception, the only person who may remain on the members list is a_beautiful_bls
only b/c this post was not here when she joined. =)

on another note, with the layout and all that...i liked my own layout so damn much, that i pretty much kept this one the same as mine. l♥ve it don't ya? yea, thought so.

anyways, once again i'll announce this. that when i'm ready to begin promoting and all that i will personally select 10 ppl to join and automatically be stamped who in return will invite 5 other ppl within 24 hours of being accepted. those five ppl will go through and start the application process.

one more condition for the very first 10 members is that when i invite you, you will join the community. make a post with atleast one picture of yourself and in return i will reply with an acceptance stamp.
its only fair that if ur getting accepted no matter what u atleast post a pic to begin with. =)

thats all for now.
more updates later, possibly.
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